What Is Titan Funding’s Loan Process Like?

What Is Titan Funding’s Loan Process Like?

These are just a few examples of situations that might make a hard money loan a good fit for you or your business’s needs. Each individual’s financial, capital, and personal situation is their own, and each situation calls for a different solution. A hard money loan is just another useful option you can use to meet your capital needs.

As long as you have the equity to stay under Titan Funding’s 60% loan-to-value ratio, you are that much closer to being a good candidate for a private loan. To measure your loan-to-value ratio, take the loan amount you want and divide it by the current appraised value of the property you’re using to back the loan. You’ll discuss whether or not your loan-to-value ratio is a good fit for Titan Funding’s private lending services when you reach out to one of the professionals who make up our elite team.

There are many hard money lenders in Florida, but not many are as designed to fit your needs as Titan Funding is. When you apply for a private loan through Titan Funding, you can expect a decision to be made about your loan within 48 hours. If you are approved, you may receive your funds as fast as four days after your approval. When it comes time to start paying off your loan, you’ll make interest-only payments for a short loan life span. Remember, this interest is based on a fixed rate instead of a variable rate.

Hard money loans through Titan Funding generally fall within the $100,000 to $5 million range, depending on how much property you want to back https://paydayloanstennessee.com/cities/erin/ up your loan with and how much you want to borrow. When you’re trying to boost your real estate portfolio, this jump in liquid funding can be just what you need to take your portfolio to the next level.

Bridge-to-Perm Loans

The team at Titan Funding understands the importance of the loan’s life cycle as well. Once a property is stabilized, Titan will seamlessly convert your bridge loan into permanent financing with terms up to 30 years. We will streamline the process and you as the borrower will benefit from the economics of origination fees and exit fees as well as the continuity of having the same dedicated team.

Well-structured financing is essential to successful commercial property portfolios. Titan connects Real Estate investors to effective capital through the bridge-to-perm marketplace, with fast, knowledgeable, and affordable financing solutions.

Titan Funding – The Best Hard Money Lender in Florida

Titan Funding is a private, hard money lender in South Florida that can help you acquire the funds you need to take the next step in your financial plan. If you’re looking for a hard money lender, our services are a great asset at your disposal. Private money lending companies, such as Titan Funding, are a powerful alternative to traditional lending services that may take longer to get you where you need to be.

With decades upon decades of collective experience, the experts who make up the Titan Funding team have the know-how and drive to give you the tools you need to progress your financial situation. Our team comprises CEOs, entrepreneurs, investment professionals, and more who are here to advise you during the lending process. Our passionate professionals align themselves to help businesses, investors, and individuals meet their capital and real estate needs.

If you think that a hard money loan may be a good course of action to help you reach your goals, contact our team of banking professionals at Titan Funding. We will work with you throughout the entire process to provide you with a simpler, streamlined experience.

  • The property will eventually bring income. If you need to prepare a building to lease it, consider a hard money loan. The loan can help you avoid the commercial Catch-22 where you can’t get a loan because the property isn’t generating income, but it can’t generate income until you fix it with a loan.

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